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Why uPVC door repairs can save you time and money

3rd March 2017

UPVC doors are like any component of your home - they may start off looking and working great, but after time they can experience problems. If this sounds like something you've experienced, here are just some of the reasons you might want to think about uPVC door repairs.

What are the common problems with uPVC doors?

You can expect your home’s doors to suffer some wear and tear over the years. Generally speaking, you should expect around ten to 12 years of use before problems start to arise.

It's possible that the uPVC door manufacturer may have used poor quality locks, meaning they start to jam and disintegrate, leaving your home unsecure in the process. If you can’t get your key in the lock or you’re finding there’s some resistance, it’s likely the inner lock mechanism of the door has worn down and needs to be replaced.

Sometimes when the weather is hot or if the hinges are worn, the placement of the door can move, meaning the door and frame are misaligned. This can make it difficult to open and close the door.

If you encounter any of these issues - don't panic. While you may think you need to replace the whole door, this is not the case. More often than not, the problem is the lock, meaning a lock replacement will solve the problem.

Why replace the lock?

UPVC doors have multipoint locks, which operate by lifting the handle and turning the key. If this mechanism starts to fail, it's likely that the problem is with the lock, which is much cheaper to replace than the entire door.

Our experienced locksmith in South Yorkshire will be able to replace your multipoint lock for between £130 and £170, which includes the price of all materials and labour. All our work also comes with a two-year guarantee.

The price of a lock replacement is therefore much cheaper than the cost of a new uPVC door, which could set you back anywhere between £600 and £850. Some companies may also encourage you to buy new windows at the same time, which only adds to the expense.

How long does it take?

We understand that uPVC door problems can be stressful and inconvenient – especially if you can’t get in or out of your property.

While organising to have a new door fitted could take weeks as you find a company, get a quote and some measurements, we operate an emergency service to help our customers. Our locksmith in Doncaster can be there the same day to carry out a lock replacement.

We’re here to help

As locksmiths in South Yorkshire, we’ve dealt with many of the most common problems with uPVC doors over the last 20 years.

If you’re having trouble with a uPVC door, we're here to help. Get in touch with us on 01302 378 067 for lock repairs, or if you simply want a free, no-obligation quote.

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