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Locksnapping in Doncaster

16th April 2020

Lock snapping is a major problem in the Doncster area and is on the increase. It is the break-in method used in almost every burglary now committed in the Doncaster borough, this has been reported by the police and also something that we have noticed through the call outs that we attend after a burglary.

But what exactly is lock snapping and what can you do to prevent it?

About lock snapping

Lock snapping is also referred to as cylinder snapping or lock bumping. It is a method used by burglars to break into a property which has a euro cylinder lock.

Almost all properties that have uPVC doors fall into this category so are a common target for thieves looking to use this method of entry. A euro cylinder lock isn't exclusive to uPVC doors though and can be found on other types including those made from wood, composite and aluminium.

Just by looking at your lock you won't be able to see if it is a euro cylinder lock that will be easy to snap - any good locksmith may recognise the lock but to be certain they will need to take the lock out and examine it properly.

Also do not believe that the age of the door is a factor, new doors being installed are still not guaranteed to have high security locks fitted.

The lock snapping method

To snap a lock, a burglar will apply pressure to the lock cylinder which causes it to break at its weakest point. Therefore allowing the burglar access to the locking mechanism which they can manipulate to open the lock. If you have multiple locking points on your door they will all be operated by the cylinder, so once this is compromised it means that each individual locking point will be too.

The procedure sounds frighteningly easy, and unfortunately it is and only takes a matter of seconds and no specialist tools. Even more worryingly there are videos that can be found online that guide you through the process.

The solution to lock snapping

There's no denying that lock snapping is a real threat, especially in the Yorkshire area, but the important thing is that there is a simple solution to it - the anti-snap lock.

Installing specially designed anti-snap locks is what the South Yorkshire Police recommend as the top way of protecting your family and home from this common break-in method.

Anti-snap locks can be easily fitted by an approved locksmith and offer a whole host of benefits including anti-pick and anti-drill protection. In our opinion anti-snap locks offer great value and excellent security.

Another thing to be aware of is that for a burglar to snap a lock they have to break the handle first, unless the lock sticks out. Because of this a standard handle may be vulnerable so we recommend upgrading to a handle with a strong and robust body and a thicker screw. This and an anti-snap lock make for a winning combination.

Time to take action and install a secure anti-snap lock

Lock snapping prevention from SF Locksmith Doncaster

You can find out more about lock snapping on our anti-snap lock page where we have posted lots of information and a video to talk you through the solution we would recommend and why.

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