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Enhance your Doncaster home security with Ultion locks

4th December 2017

It's never a good idea to take a risk with your home's security, which is why we recommend all our customers have their existing locks replaced with Ultion locks. They have several in-built security features that will help make your property less vulnerable to break-ins.

Your first line of defence

You would be surprised at how many burglaries occur when thieves enter through the front door. If your lock isn't up to standard, it will make it easier for them to enter your home - and this is where Ultion door locks come in.

What sets these locks apart from others on the market is they have 11 security pins, rather than the standard five or six. These pins are capable of creating 294,970 unique combinations, which means the likelihood of using the right one is drastically minimised.

Lock snapping and drilling? Ultion has you covered

One popular technique among thieves is lock snapping. This is where they snap off the door handle, giving them access to the lock inside so they can snap it at its weakest spot.

Ultion locks have a strong molybdenum core that's 25% denser than iron - a material that is extremely difficult to snap. It is this feature that also protects your property against lock drilling. This is where thieves do just as the name suggests - attack your door lock with a drill in order to gain access.

Once tampering is detected, the Ultion lock will enter into lockdown mode. A lock will move straight into the central cam, held in place by a retaining pin that makes it impossible for the lock to be compromised.

Ultion door locks fitted in Doncaster

Met with widespread approval

Many of the major bodies have given Ultion locks their seal of approval, including the Master Locksmiths Association. It subjects products to rigorous testing to see just how effective they really are, and Ultion delivered impressive results.

These locks have also been recognised by the police for their physical security and ability to 'design out crime', and display the British Standards Kitemark. In fact, they have been awarded the highest British Standard TS007 three-star standard.

Make the transition to Ultion

Ultion locks can be fitted to any door, so it doesn't matter whether you have uPVC, aluminium or wooden door, these locks will do just the job.

This is, of course, if they are fitted by an experienced locksmith. The lock is only ever going to be effective if it is put in place by a competent person, otherwise your property will be just as vulnerable as it was before.

SF Locksmiths of Doncaster... trusted & reliable

We have been operating as locksmiths in Doncaster for more than 20 years and have a wealth of experience with Ultion locks. Not only do we carry out lock installations, we will also offer valuable home security advice to keep your property safe and secure.

To find out more about how Ultion locks can benefit you, give us a call on 01303 378067 and we'd be happy to provide a free, no-obligation quote.

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