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Doncaster Locksmiths Attend Another Burglary

29th November 2020

Lock snapping is rife in Doncaster at the moment. Especially Sprotbrough, Wheatley Hills and Bennethorpe. What is alarming though is that the thieves are returning to the properties to have another go. It's not unheard of but they seem to be determined to steal the cars that they are looking for. 

I could get on my "HIGH HORSE" and say well I told you to get your locks changed before! But I won't, I understand that its nearly Xmas and money is tight. We all think, it won't happen to us. 

But really, you need to think is it worth the risk? The vast majority of houses have locks that can be easily snapped and its so simple for thieves to open up your doors with basic tools. 

I have been a locksmith in Doncaster for many years now and every year is the same. It starts in September and calms down in March. Not to say there are no breakins in Summer because there are. 

I hear on local forums that its easy to change your own locks, which in some cases it is. It also easy to paint a few walls and wash your windows but there are times you know its better to emply someone who knows what they are doing.

SF Locksmith Doncaster will fit you the best antisnap locks available which come with a £2000 guarantee against your locks being snapped. As an average cost to change three - £200. Which is roughly the cost of the excess premiun you will end up paying after an insurance claim. 

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