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A Day In The Life Of A Doncaster Locksmith

23rd December 2018

You’d be pretty surprised how many people ask me what exactly a locksmith’s day entails. Okay, you might not be totally surprised, it’s not as many as you might think. In fact it’s not probably not even as many as you’re revised estimate you’re now thinking. Fine, okay, it’s none. None. But that wouldn’t lead me on to a second paragraph, so I had to pretend. Happy now? Now let’s try to move on from this awkwardness. 

As you might imagine, if you have the sort of imagination that concentrates on the minutiae of a locksmith’s day-to-day life, a great deal of my work is concerned with supplying and fitting locks for a wide variety of customer requirements. These locks could be in a domestic setting - on internal or external doors, windows, sheds and garages, or in a commercial setting, providing and maintaining security to offices, warehouses, shops, factories and more…. the list, whilst not exactly endless, would still be longer than, say, a short list.  

New locks can be required for a variety of reasons. Old locks require replacing due to wear and tear as the passage of time takes its toll, or because the security they offer is now outdated. I can be called out to inspect old locks and give advice on replacements, whilst also reviewing the rest of a customer’s security arrangements. With my experience, I can give pointers as to whether a customer’s current locks meet insurance requirements (you’d be surprised how many do not), and identify where security may need boosting with extra locking points on doors or windows.  I’ll be able to fit these if required, as well as providing extra copies of keys if needed so that it’s not the end of the world if you lose a set. 

It’s not just wear and tear – I can also be called out in the aftermath of an attempted burglary in order to replace or repair damaged locks. After the police, I am frequently the next port of call for a customer, hopefully providing the reassurance and friendly face needed after a traumatic event such as a burglary. I will be called to assess the damage and repair locks if necessary or, if they are beyond that, to fit new locks and deal with any other damage to doors or windows. I’ll also be able to provide extra security to try and give the customer much needed peace of mind for the future. 

Away from damaged locks, I’ll also find myself called out by people who’ve experienced that sinking feeling of arriving home and realising they’ve locked themselves out of their house. Here, I can become the knight in shining armour…or at least in tin foil.  As a professional locksmith I’m able to gain entry without damaging the fabric of the door itself, get the customer into the house, and then fit a replacement lock if needed. As a solution, it's a lot cheaper than breaking a door down, and also a lot safer than the home owner attempting to scale the drainpipe to get in an upstairs window. 

As well as the standard locks, my work as a locksmith can also focus on padlocks for gates, garages and sheds; installing safe systems for storing valuables, as well as providing assistance with alarm systems for home or business.  I can fit door code pads for added protection, metal grilles, extra security doors and even electronic entry systems. And that’s before we even get started on the fitting and repair of UPVC doors and window which can take up a lot of the working day.

In summary, my day as a locksmith can be pretty varied, but whatever I’m doing, I pride myself on providing a highly professional, friendly service. If I can provide any further advice or for a free quote on any locksmith-related work, please call today on 01302 378 067.

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