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03 March

Why uPVC door repairs can save you time and money

UPVC doors are like any component of your home - they may start off looking and working great, but after time they can experience problems. If this sounds like something you've experienced, here are just some of the reasons you might want to think about uPVC door repairs.

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12 December

The History of Locks

It's nearly Christmas and you might be expecting me to do a blog relating to the festive season. Well perhaps this locksmith isn't going to play by those rules. They don't call me the Renegade Locksmith for nothing, you know. Okay, they don't call me that at all. But if they knew I wasn't doing a Christmas-related blog they might. Instead, I'm going to talk about *big intake of breath*.... a brief history of locks. *waits for stunned silence followed by rapturous applause*. Oh..okay, maybe the applause comes later. 

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29 May

Common problems with uPVC doors

Most modern properties have uPVC doors, but despite being a popular choice among homeowners, they're not without their problems. Whether it's a result of general wear and tear or the use of poor quality components, it's not uncommon to find that remedial work is needed once in a while.

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28 November

Beating the burglars this Winter!

The clocks have gone back, festive gifts are appearing in the shops and suddenly the temperature has dropped - yes we're at that time of year where it feels like Winter is coming in quick!

Each year when this happens there is a spike in the number of burglaries due to less daylight hours, in fact statistics show a 20% increase in home burglaries during the darker months. On top of that as Christmas approaches people leave their homes empty frequently for shopping trips and social events, and burglars are aware of the likelihood of them having brand new high-value items worth stealing inside.

So here are a few tips from us on getting your home security ready for Winter, so that you can relax and enjoy all of the good things related to the season - bring on the Christmas pudding!

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23 February

A day in the life of a Doncaster locksmith

This was not a normal day but it did get interesting. The day before i received a call to attend a repossession of a commercial premises and to meet the bailiff at 6am. This would be what is termed a "peaceful entry", where there is to be no one there at the time of entering the building. 


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24 November

Coldseal Door Repairs Doncaster

Coldseal doors and windows were a popular choice many years ago. For most households they were a good value choice for new double glazing installations. But unfortunately the company went into liquidation, leaving it's customers with not only no warranty but no backup service. 

Does This Mean A New Door? 

Absolutely not!

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05 November

Tilt and Slide Door Repairs Doncaster

In the Doncaster area tilt and slide doors were a popular choice some years ago. Many of these doors have never received a service throughout this time. This has meant that some are becoming troublesome!

S F Locksmith are very experienced in dealing with the repair of tilt and slide doors in Doncaster and can offer you a great professional door service at a price that will be considerably less than replacing the door completely.

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