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16 April

Locksnapping in Doncaster

Lock snapping is a major problem in the Doncster area and is on the increase. It is the break-in method used in almost every burglary now committed in the Doncaster borough, this has been reported by the police and also something that we have noticed through the call outs that we attend after a burglary.

But what exactly is lock snapping and what can you do to prevent it?

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29 March

Are Locksmiths in Doncaster Key Workers

Hello, how are you? I hope you’re doing all you can to stay safe in these difficult and strange times. I’m not a health expert, so I won’t be giving any coronavirus advice out here – I’ll leave that to the experts -  but I’d urge everyone to follow the government’s advice about social distancing, and self-isolation for those who are able to work from home, as well as adding my thanks to all those NHS and care workers putting themselves at risk to look after us all.

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15 March

What Are Insurance Requirements For Locks

When a door lock is faulty it can mean that the door may not open, close or lock securely. This is often a result of age, and general wear and tear but can also be due to vandalism or an attempted break in.

As well as being inconvenient, a faulty lock can pose a serious security threat. Two in three burglars will gain access to a property through a door, so even if you feel that the rest of your house is secure, your faulty lock needs attending to right away.

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01 March

How To Find A Reputable Locksmith In Doncaster

When choosing a locksmith it's really important to do your homework first. The locksmith you choose will be working on and protecting one of your most important assets and all of your belongings in it. It is therefore essential that you can trust them to do a good job.

But how do you know that the locksmith you use is credible and committed to delivering the best possible service? Here's our guide on how to find a locksmith in Sheffield that you can trust.

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16 February

Tilt and Slide Patio Door Repair in Doncaster

Tilt and slide doors are a common fitting in the Doncaster area. If you have one of these doors and there is a problem with it, SF Locksmith specialise in the service and repair of tilt and slide doors in the Doncaser district.

Do not consider purchasing a new sliding patio door before receiving a free quote for a repair first. Your local double glazing installer will tell you that a repair is not possible, we will tell you different! And save you lots of cash.

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02 February

Distraction Burglary

What is distraction burglary?

Distraction burglary is a form of burglary where a burglar goes to an occupied house and attempts to trick the occupant into allowing them into the property, or creates a convincing diversion so that an accomplice burglar can gain access.


A distraction burglar will pretty much say or do anything that allows them to sneak into your home. These are the sort of devious tactics they have been known to use to distract people:

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01 January

Doncaster Locksmiths Services

Are you in need of the services of an emergency locksmith in the Doncaster area? S F Locksmith are here to help. Our list of emergency services cover:

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01 December

Upvc Door Handle Advice

I’m sure that, like me, you remember the song Bootylicious by Destiny’s Child. Released in 2001, it became a huge hit in the charts. I heard it on the radio the other day, quickly recognisable from its opening lyrics, which went thus:

Kelly, can you handle this?
Michelle, can you handle this?
Beyoncé, can you handle this?
I don't think they can handle this
My boy Roc, can you handle this?
My girl Missy, can you handle this?
DC, can you handle this?
My ghettos, you can't handle this

Now, before hearing that song, I had no idea that Beyoncé and her bandmates were such huge fans of door furniture. But why else would they mention it so often? The only conclusion to draw is that they are secretly big fans of handles for UPVC doors. Now, I wouldn’t want to let the girls down, so for their benefit, I’ll be looking at that very subject today. And if you think that was my most clunking introduction to a topic to date, you’d be correct. Sorry about that. 

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03 November

Autumn Burglary in Doncaster

Just when it seemed Halloween couldn’t get scarier, we’ve now got a general election on the horizon too. And not that I want to worry you further, but the results are due on Friday 13th. So that’s something to look forward to. Throw in the explosions of bonfire night, not forgetting the looming spectre of Christmas not far off, and it could be quite a stressful couple of months. 

Now far be it for me to add to that stress, but I’m afraid that this time of year brings about additional issues for home security. Insurance claims rocket, pun slightly intended, in this period between the end of October and December, doubling on Bonfire night itself, and also seeing a significant spike around Halloween. The clocks have just gone back, so darkness is falling a lot earlier, and it is prime season for evening burglaries. Sadly, I’ve seen the human impact of this for myself over the last few weeks as I’ve been called to the aftermath of dozens of burglaries, especially in the Doncaster area. It’s not only the practicalities of replacing locks and fixing broken doors, it’s also seeing the emotional impact that each burglary has on the victim, and that can last long after the house has been made secure.

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13 October

Doncaster Locksmith Advice

The world seems a bit higgledy-piggledy at the moment, the news seems to be moving at the speed of light with newspapers out of date the minute they’re printed. Will the government survive? Will Trump be impeached? Will we all be wiped out by a meteor next Thursday? Who knows the answers to any of these questions? Although I hope the meteor thing doesn’t happen as I was planning to get a takeaway and watch a film on Friday.

But in these times of turmoil it’s easy to take your eye off the big picture. And when I say “the big picture”, I’m clearly referring to “the security of your home.” And if you think this has all been a weird segue in to that subject, you’re right. But let’s face it, with everything else that’s been going on recently, weird is the new normal, so I think I’ll get away with it. Anyway, I thought I’d take this opportunity just to state four tenets of home security that will help you keep your property safe if followed correctly. Think this less like Moses’ sermon on the mount, and more Locksmiths’ advice on the blog. It’s not got QUITE the same ring to it, but, you know, weird times and all that. 

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