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16 January

Patio Door Not Locking

During the recent cold spell, diid you have trouble locking your upvc door? Surprising to a lot of people is that they are affected by the temperature. They do contract in the cooler temperature and the opposite as it warms. 

What can also happen is as the days lengthen and the sun rises, the low March sun that hits South facing doors at 12.00 can also cause them to expand as the sun hits the doors directly. 

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25 December

Do Doncaster Locksmiths Work At Christmas

Do Doncaster Locksmiths work at Christmas? I suppose that depends on each ones different cicumstances. At SF Locksmiths, we are available on Xmas Eve and then have the Xmas day off. In fact we were called out to a lady locked out on Xmas Eve evening this year. Her upvc door lock had failed and wouldn't open. But within 30 mins, we had attended and she was back in the house. Got to admit, I wasn't bothered about going but it comes that her sister had used me 10 years ago now she was in need of help. I'm a softy really!!

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20 December

Burglars Use Blow Torch

There are various methods that you encounter as a Doncaster locksmith  where thieves try to get into homes.

A method that thieves use to gain access to a property is to use a blow torch to burn through upvc doors. It is an unusual method and only works where the door hasn't a reinforced panel or does not have three star rated locks. 

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06 December

Lock Snapping In Doncaster

Lock snapping in Doncaster is on the rise again. I have attended break-ins  in all parts of the borough in the last few weeks  and in most cases it is through the snapping of the locks on upvc and composite doors. 

The barrel is made of brass and though this is great for longevity, it is not good for strength. What can you do? 

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29 November

Doncaster Locksmiths Attend Another Burglary

Lock snapping is rife in Doncaster at the moment. Especially Sprotbrough, Wheatley Hills and Bennethorpe. What is alarming though is that the thieves are returning to the properties to have another go. It's not unheard of but they seem to be determined to steal the cars that they are looking for. 

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24 November

Thieves Love Xmas Time

At SF Locksmiths Doncaster we try to emphasise how important your security at home is during this time .
Opportunistic thieves are on the prowl now in Doncaster as they tend to during the winter months and especially in the lead up to Christmas and the New Year when they know that homes are piling up with gifts purchased for our family and friends.

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04 October

How To Stop A Burglary At Night

Having your property targeted by a burglar is a worrying prospect and it can be even more of a concern if it takes place at night, with yourself and your family in the house.

Often people will take the "if it's going to happen, it's going to happen and there's nothing you can do to stop it" attitude, but here at SF Locksmiths we know from experience that there are plenty of steps you can take to improve the security of your house at night and deter a burglar.

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02 August

Why You Need To Secure A Vacant Property

Often when a building is vacant the owner will be less concerned about the level of security on the property. Because if there are no tenants or belongings inside, then there's not really much there to protect - right? Unfortunately this isn't the case at all.

Read on to find out more about why securing a vacant property is absolutely essential and could potentially save you thousands of pounds and a lot of time and stress.

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12 July

What To Do If You Are Locked Out

People accidentally locking themselves out of their house, car of even place of business happens a lot more often than you might think. If it's ever happened to you then you'll know how extremely stressful and worrying getting locked out can be.

Follow our 5 top tips for when you get locked out to ensure that you can get back into your home safely, in good time and without damaging anything or spending a fortune.

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13 June

Returning To Work Advice

Recently we've heard many people talking about their plans when returning back to work. But imagine coming back from a perfectly relaxing or stressful day at work to find that your home has been broken into. Unsurprisingly over 50% of break-ins take place when a property is unoccupied, so for many homeowners this scenario is all too familiar.

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