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26 June

Doncaster Locksmith Advice 2022

As the cost of living becomes more difficult, we have seen an increase in theft and burglary in Doncaster! You can argue that it is to be expected but that does not mean you do not need to be extra vigilent. 

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20 July

The difference between restricted & non-restricted keys

You may have been in a position before where you wish to copy a set of keys only to find out the keys cannot be duplicated. What does this mean? Can the keys never be duplicated? Why are these keys like this? There may be many questions running through your head. In this blog we hope to answer all raised questions as we explain the difference between restricted vs non restricted keys. 

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31 May

Locksmith Doncaster Summer Services

Now that Summer has at long last arrived, it has took it's time this year you will no doubt be throwing open all your doors and windows. This fortunately for me leads to extra work. Why ? 

First of all, where are the keys? You know you put the french door keys safe somewhere! It is often the "slave door" keys that go missing. Slave door being the second door you open rahter than the main door. 

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04 April

Doncaster Home Security After Lockdown

Hello again and at last we seem to be inching forward against Covid. Hopefully we can look forward to a great summer. 

Unfortunately an interesting statistic that had been released is that burglaries continued during lockdown. At two thirds of normal though- maybe the thieves were shielding as well.

The average cost of the theft is £2856 so something you do not want to happen to you. 

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13 March

Upvc Door Alignment in Doncaster

Upvc door alignment is important as we approach Summer. During cold spells doors can contract and this will lead to the door not sitting in the frame squarely anymore. When the hot weather arrives and the doors then expand ever so slightly, it can get difficult to lock. This force that is being used is not good for the locking mechanism. Of course the next thing is good old WD40 is applied and for a couple of days it seems to be ok.

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07 February

What Is The Best Burglary Deterrent?

What is the best deterrent against thives? A good German Shepherd is a great start but the constant dog hairs can be a putoff. 

Alarms still have their place and will make a thief think twice and I've found that if they break-in and an alarm fires then thieves leave empty handed.

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29 January

Protect your home this Winter from the rising number of burglaries

Burglaries in the South Yorkshire area are on the rise and homeowners are being encouraged to ensure their properties are fully secure to prevent any intruders gaining entry. The stress of a home burglary can be traumatic so we’ve put together some ideas on ways to secure your home helping to minimise the threat of a potential break in.  

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16 January

Patio Door Not Locking

During the recent cold spell, diid you have trouble locking your upvc door? Surprising to a lot of people is that they are affected by the temperature. They do contract in the cooler temperature and the opposite as it warms. 

What can also happen is as the days lengthen and the sun rises, the low March sun that hits South facing doors at 12.00 can also cause them to expand as the sun hits the doors directly. 

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25 December

Do Doncaster Locksmiths Work At Christmas

Do Doncaster Locksmiths work at Christmas? I suppose that depends on each ones different cicumstances. At SF Locksmiths, we are available on Xmas Eve and then have the Xmas day off. In fact we were called out to a lady locked out on Xmas Eve evening this year. Her upvc door lock had failed and wouldn't open. But within 30 mins, we had attended and she was back in the house. Got to admit, I wasn't bothered about going but it comes that her sister had used me 10 years ago now she was in need of help. I'm a softy really!!

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20 December

Burglars Use Blow Torch

There are various methods that you encounter as a Doncaster locksmith  where thieves try to get into homes.

A method that thieves use to gain access to a property is to use a blow torch to burn through upvc doors. It is an unusual method and only works where the door hasn't a reinforced panel or does not have three star rated locks. 

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