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4 signs that you need to replace your door

29th December 2014

A new door for your house or commercial property isn't the type of purchase you'll make very often and can be a big investment.

Your front and back doors are 2 of the most important aspects to your property and help safeguard your family and belongings, so the need for a good quality doors that function properly is obvious. But how do you know if you need a new one or if it could just do with a bit of maintenance?

When we are called out to customers having issues with their doors it's really common that the door itself is fit for purpose, but the lock is causing issues and needs repairing or replacement. Of course there are also scenarios where a new door is really necessary so we've put together this post so you know the most common things look out for, plus a little bonus tip for those of you with uPVC doors!

1. Large cracks in the wood

Large cracks can be quite common in wooden doors as they get older and start to show signs of wear and tear. Cracks in your front or back door can let drafts and bugs into the house and can make the door structurally weak, which is a safety concern for the family. Any cracks in the door are indications that the timber is ageing and a new door is needed, so sanding, filling and painting the cracks will just be masking the problem here. Definitely time for a new door!

2. Air blowing through the edges

Freezing cold drafts coming into the house through your front or back door can be the sign of a shrinkage in the seals or shrinkage of the door itself. It can also be due to a warped door which can be common in those made of wood. Draft excluders can reduce the drafts of course, but they cover the bigger issue which is how vulnerable your door can be due to the shrinkage. Invest in a new door for better security, lower heating bills and to stop the creepy crawlies getting in too.

3. Very loose hinges

The most common issue with hinges is that they are squeaky and simply need lubricating, a little spray of oil usually does the trick. There is a more serious issue with hinges to be aware of which is when they become really loose, even after you've tightened them up. This is a sure fire way of telling that you could need a new door and hinges, as worn down hinges allow doors to be forced open really easily.

4. Difficult to close or jamming on the framework

A correctly operating door should be easy to open and close in a smooth movement. Old wooden doors are particularly vulnerable to warping and can easily bend out of shape, not only is this a safety concern and inconvenient, but it can also damage your floors too. DIY repairs will only be temporary so if your door is hard to open and close, jams on the framework or drags on your floor it's probably time to look at investing in a new one.

Bonus tip - uPVC door replacement

uPVC doors don't suffer from the same issues as wooden doors so it's more likely for them to be easily repaired to avoid an expensive replacement. uPVC doors are secured by a multipoint lock (MPL) which is operated by lifting the door handle and locking the door in place by turning the key. MPLs are a great innovation but like anything else they wear with time, so after around 10-12 years the locks could need replacing.

Instead of selling you a whole new uPVC door, any reputable locksmith should be able to find parts to repair your door - whether it's the MPL, handles or lock barrel that need replacing. In fact we've been carrying out uPVC door repairs for years to help our customers save money and avoid a full door replacement!

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