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Tilt and Slide Door Repairs Doncaster

5th November 2013

In the Doncaster area tilt and slide doors were a popular choice some years ago. Many of these doors have never received a service throughout this time. This has meant that some are becoming troublesome!

S F Locksmith are very experienced in dealing with the repair of tilt and slide doors in Doncaster and can offer you a great professional door service at a price that will be considerably less than replacing the door completely.

If you have consulted a double glazing installer and been told that parts are not available for your tilt and slide door, give me a call before you consider spending your money on a new one, I could save you lots of cash. They will probably be hoping to sell you a new door rather than consider a repair!

The things that can go wrong on a tilt and slide door

The drive gear can fail

When you operate the handle to open and close the door, this moves the locking points that run around the edge of the door and keeps the door shut tight. This can fail because of wear and tear or as a result of friction. The doors can drop slightly and this causes the locking points at the very bottom of the door to rub against the "keeps". You may have noticed that the handle had become harder to operate. A good sign that this is the case of failure. 

What happens now? Call us, we will be able to replace the drive gear at a cost effective price and have your door running smoothly again. Part of the price includes a complete service of the door so this will not happen again.

Even if the door is in a closed position, we have an abundance of knowledge in the best way to open them up without any damage to the door. 

The Door Topples Out From The Top!

Tilt and slide doors are held in place and guided across at the top by a pair of "gliders". They are connected by link arms and help to keep the door upright and safe. 

But after years of the door being opened and slid from side to side, they wear out. The first most people realise that they have worn and broken is when the door topples out from the top. This can be a panic situation. If you can, close the door as normal and lock it up. Then call S F locksmith. We can be out quickly and replace the gliders and at the same time service the whole door. 

The Door Is Difficult To Lock & Close

This can come from a variety of different things. Alignment can be an issue, where the connecting rod at the bottom is not true anymore. The "bottom bogey" springs do break and this causes problems with the automatic closing at the bottom. The bottom bogey wheels can seize and cause uneven sliding and closing. 

If you are experiencing any of the above, they can all be fixed so call S F Locksmith immediately. I will be able to advise what the likely cost is going to be and we can arrange an appointment to suit your needs. 

Replacment Handles

The vast majority of tilt and slide doors are locked via a key in the handle itself. If you have lost the key or a key has snapped in the handle, they can be replaced. There are two types, long and short. I carry thenm in gold and white, so if you require a replacement handle call now. Even if the handle is locked, that will not be an issue. 

For the service and repair of a tilt and slide door in the Doncaster area, call S F Locksmith now on 01302 378 067. We are friendly, professional and reliable and all work comes with a two year guarantee on parts and labour. 

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