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Are Locksmiths in Doncaster Key Workers

29th March 2020

Hello, how are you? I hope you’re doing all you can to stay safe in these difficult and strange times. I’m not a health expert, so I won’t be giving any coronavirus advice out here – I’ll leave that to the experts -  but I’d urge everyone to follow the government’s advice about social distancing, and self-isolation for those who are able to work from home, as well as adding my thanks to all those NHS and care workers putting themselves at risk to look after us all. 

This crisis is showing just how important our front-line workers are. Not only those mentioned above, but also supermarket workers, emergency services, delivery drivers, chemists.. the list goes on. And of course it wouldn’t be one of my blogs without making a pun about locksmiths being the original “key” workers, in one definition at least! But jokes aside, that leads on to just a few words about why I am still working during this time when so many people are having to stay at home - after all you may see me on my travels in my van and wonder if I should be out and about. Let me give you an explanation.

First of all, rest assured that I am taking all the possible precautions whilst doing my job. Social distancing, keeping contact to a minimum, and plenty of hand sanitiser of course. However, I do still need to be out and about providing the service I always have – perhaps now more than ever, and the last few weeks have backed that up. 

Think about the nurse who arrives home after a 12-hour shift to find they’ve lost her keys and can’t get in to his or her flat. They are exhausted and need a good sleep before having to face another demanding shift. They may have nowhere else to go – any friends or family are themselves isolating and the nurse does not want to put them at added risk. Therefore, to all intents and purposes, this has become an emergency. However, it’s not one for the police, and the nurse is stuck as to what to do. If all locksmiths were also on lockdown (excuse the pun again), a bad situation would be made a lot worse. 

Given the circumstances, it can be seen that locksmiths provide an essential service – I can often be out within the hour, help get access to the flat, and the nurse can get their well-deserved and necessary rest, ready to go again the next day, doing their job for which we owe them all our gratitude. 

Clearly, I’m not putting myself at the level of a medical professional, but jobs like these show why I am keeping going through this crisis to continue to provide an emergency service as a keyworker Yes, more general jobs may get put on the back burner, and my customers are understanding of this, but emergency jobs have to be attended. 

It’s not just jobs like the above – there are other examples such as the chemist I was at last week where the staff were unable to lock the door because of a fault. Again, if a locksmith was not available in that situation, who knows how long the staff would have had to hang about given you cannot leave a pharmacy unlocked! Again, I was able to solve the issue quickly and they could all get home for a brief rest before returning the next day to a secure building, ready to deliver their vital service. 

Sadly burglaries never stop, even in a time of crisis, and I am still needed at the aftermath. Cruelly, it is often the houses of key workers that are targeted, given they are the ones still out at work. It’s a heartbreaking situation, but if I can do anything to ease the pressure by at least making the house secure in the aftermath, then again I will be there. 

We all have to make adjustments in these times, and be more understanding of others. But please, if you have an emergency, still call me on 01302 378067 and I will do what I can to help. Stay safe out there, (or rather in there, given the lockdown). 

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