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uPVC door lock manufacturers in the spotlight

9th September 2014

Understandably customers are looking for a good quality uPVC door lock that will last a long time and is less likely to need repairing. So which manufacturers' locks do we come across most often when we are called out to repair a uPVC door lock?

best uPVC door lock manufacturers

Locks that we are asked to repair most often

We have over 20 years of experience in repairing uPVC door locks and we keep logs of our work so that we can keep a close eye on any trends or recurring manufacturer issues. 

The below list of lock manufacturers is ordered by the ones that we get called out to repair or replace the most. But this doesn't necessarily mean that any one manufacturer here is better or worse than the rest - It's simply due to the manufacturers at the top of the list making the locks that are most commonly fitted, and therefore the ones we see on a call out most often. 

To identify your uPVC door lock you can usually check the faceplate of the lock for the manufacturer name or logo.

The manufacturers of locks that we get called out to most often are:

  • FUHR - Founded in 1859, based in Heiligenhaus, Germany, a very durable lock.
  • Mila - Established in 1980 and specialists in hardware, fitted by Coldseal and Safestyle
  • Lockmaster - Britain's best selling multi-point door locking system, a good value and secure lock.
  • GU - Part of the Gretsch-Unitas Group founded in 1907
  • Mila Master - An extremely versatile lock from Mila
  • Advocett - Specialist hardware company founded in the UK, popular lock on french doors.
  • Maco - Hardware group established in 1947 in Austria
  • ERA - A well know brand providing the latest in locking technology
  • Yale  - One of the oldest international brands in the locking industry, the latest versions are having problems and not a lock i would recommend at this point.
  • Millenco - A Lock often used by Yorkshire Windows
  • KFV - Their range covers the entire field of modern door locking systems.
  • Winkhaus - Specialists in locking systems for windows and doors often used on Council doors. A very good robust lock but expensive in the past. 

The reasons uPVC locks fail

uPVC doors are secured by what is referred to as an 'MPL' - short for multipoint lock. This lock type is operated by lifting the handle and then locking the door into place when you turn the key.

These door locks do work really well when new but after years of use all uPVC door locks will fail at some point, and it's usually just down to general wear and tear. Broken uPVC locks can also be down to alignment issues which can cause difficulty in locking.

Typically the average length of time a uPVC door lock will last is around 10-12 years, but of course it depends on how heavily the door lock is used.

Need a repair on a broken uPVC door lock?

We can repair virtually any broken uPVC door lock that has failed through usage; our experience and knowledge in repairing uPVC locks extends to front doors, patio doors, conservatory doors, sliding doors and more.

Get in touch with us today on 01302 378 067 for a quote to repair a uPVC door lock or replace it with an original genuine version of your MPL lock.

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