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Garden shed security guide - 5 essential tips!

31st March 2015

As technology improves homeowners across the UK are starting to use more advanced home security measures in order to protect their property, family and belongings. But what about that other roof in the garden with so many valuables inside?

Unfortunately the humble shed is often forgotten and a simple padlock is the only thing that comes between a burglar and all of the items stored inside. Sheds can often contain high value items such as tools, garden equipment, toys and bicycles. Not only that but the tools commonly stored inside a shed will often be things that a burglar can also use to break into your house!

Follow our 5 top tips for securing your shed to deter burglars and keep your belongings safe.

1. Make sure the shed itself is solid

The first step to securing your belongings outdoors is ensuring that your shed itself is up to scratch. All the locks and bolts in the world unfortunately won't help if the shed is damaged or made from really flimsy material. Have a good look around your shed to see if there are any weak points in need of repair or areas that would be easily breakable. If you think you need a new one make sure you research your investment well and find the absolute best within your budget.

2. Secure it to the ground properly

It sounds silly but we can't tell you how many times we've heard of thieves simply lifting sheds off the ground to enter and grab valuables from inside. This is particularly common with smaller, lighter structures. Ensure that your shed has solid fixings and is properly secured to the ground to avoid being the victim of an embarrassing and costly break in like this.

3. Fit secure locks & a cage

If you have a small shed with a fairly thin door it's likely that the door will be ledged and braced. This type of door can be secured with a hasp, staple and padlock. If you have a large shed with doors at least 44mm thick then it can probably use a mortice lock which should provide much improved security. A good second line of defence such as a cage will offer increased protection as well as making a break in a lot more time consuming for the opportunistic thief. Ensure your door hinges are secured with coach bolts as you don't want a thief to be able to simply use a screwdriver to open up the door, and consider a strong lock bar spanning the entire length of the door too.

For added protection you can secure expensive items in your shed using ground or wall anchors with padlocks and chains. Locking any large valuable items together such as bikes or garden machinery etc. will also make them very awkward to remove or use.

4. Position it well

The position of your shed and outbuildings is incredibly important. It needs to be close enough to your house so that you check it from inside, but not too close that you make it easy for a thief to access one of your windows by standing on the roof. Don't hide it with trees or hedges, the more out in the open the better, but equally try and position it so that it's not visible from the outside of the property so that it won't be spotted by any opportunistic burglars passing by. Use security lights to clearly illuminate the area so that you can see what's happening - motion activated ones are brilliant for deterring thieves and can also be handy for you when you need to fetch something from the shed in the dark!

5. Don't forget about the windows

Sheds with windows can add aesthetic appeal but can also be a potential weakness when it comes to security - they can be easy to break into and are also a good way of letting a burglar shop your valuables! Non opening windows can be secured by using a tougher material like polycarbonate plastic instead of single pane glass and if your windows are opening you can fit secure window looks just as you would with your home. Fixing a purpose-made grille inside can enhance security, as can a simple net curtain to stop burglars taking a look at what's inside.

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