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Don't be fooled by these 6 home security myths

2nd September 2014

Many homeowners across the UK have been fooled into thinking that their property is more secure than it actually is due to believing a common myth about home security.

In this short post we reveal the top 6 home security myths and explain why they aren't true so that you won't get caught out...

Home security

1. A burglar will get in if they really want to

This is probably the biggest myth about home security and burglaries out there. In fact there are always steps you can take to deter a burglar from breaking into your home, like making it more difficult for them to gain entry by installing a good quality lock, and making sure you don't provide cover where burglars can hide from passers-by.

Burglars don't want to risk getting caught so if you can increase the time they need to break in, they are much more likely to move on to a different property that will be easier to access.

2. A lock is a lock, they are all the same

So many people make the assumption that all locks are the same because on the face of it they do the same job, but this is definitely not the case. There are cheap locks out there that look the part, but when it comes to how well they work or how long they will last, they don't come close to a well-made good quality lock. Our extensive knowledge of locks and different lock manufacturers means that we can advise you on which lock will stop thieves and give you good value for money.

3. I won't get burgled as I live in a quiet neighbourhood

So many people mistakenly think that because they live in a quiet neighbourhood they won't be a target for a burglar. Often it's quite the opposite -  it's likely that thieves will come from outside of your neighbourhood, and if your area is well known for being nice and quiet it also means there are going to be less people around to notice a burglary taking place.

4. My spare key is hidden where a burglar won't find it

Think about the mindset of a burglar and how looking for where people have hidden their spare key is what they do for a living - day in and day out. A robber in search of your spare key will locate it quickly and gain access to your house without even needing to break a lock or window. Our advice is to never leave a spare key outside of your property, if it's essential ask a close friend or trusted neighbour to look after it for you instead.

5. My neighbours will watch my home for me

You may have neighbours that are kind enough to offer to keep an eye on your house whilst you are out, unfortunately though no neighbour will be able to watch your property 24 hours a day, nor would you expect them to. The Neighbourhood Watch Scheme is a really great idea but it's never a substitute for properly securing your home with good quality locks.

6. Fitting an alarm will prevent a burglary

In actual fact houses with alarms are burgled every day - so why is this? Alarm boxes are thought to deter thieves so many people just put up a box without actually connecting it to an alarm and a lot of burglars are aware of this trick. Also most alarms will sound quiet warning beeps to give you a small amount of time to enter a deactivation code - unfortunately this is also just enough time for a burglar to quickly grab your car keys, laptop, wallet etc and get away before the alarm goes off. Alarms offer an extra level of security but shouldn't be relied on over quality door and window locks.

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