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Be Vigilant At This Time Of Year

31st March 2019

In a recent survey by The Co-op insurance company there is a 37% rise in thefts at this time of year and especially on a Friday. They put this down to the temperatures warming up and people leaving doors and windows open as one example as to why.

Some of the advice is obvious but we all become complacement and so we think it is always wothwhile giving people a subtle reminder. In our experince The Co-op is correct with their survey. The vast majority of thefts we attend are a forced entry during the winter months via locksnapping. As soon as the weather warms up this type of attack becomes less of a problem but we want to get some fresh air through our stuffy bedrooms and living rooms. So what do we do is open the windows and carry on spring cleaning. Thieves will always look for an opportunity! 


The Co-op Insurance's home security tips 

1. Remain vigilant and keep homes secure during the lighter, summer months.

2. Keep windows and doors locked.

3. Where possible, invest in a CCTV system.

4. Check on vulnerable neighbours.

5. Do not post your location on social media platforms.

6. Set your home burglar alarm.

7. Ensure outbuildings and sheds are locked.

8. Do not leave valuable items on display.

9. Do not leave car keys within reach of a letterbox.

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