04 April

What to do when you're locked out of your home or office

We've all had that moment when we've shut the door behind us and realised we've left the keys inside - or perhaps even lost our keys and realised we can't get back in.

These things happen, so the trick is knowing how to deal with the situation promptly and effectively. Here are our top tips that will help you get back in your home or office in as little time possible, and without causing any lasting damage.

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15 November

Doncaster Locksmith Social Media Security Advice

I was walking through Doncaster town centre the other day, taking in the sights as you do, when I looked up at the big screen on the side of the Frenchgate Centre. The sound of an amplified cough had emanated from its direction and on closer inspection, the face of a young chap was emerging onto the screen. This caused a great deal of excitement amongst the passers-by – several of them nearly dropped their Greggs’ pasties, and all around stopped to stare at this odd occurrence. The fella on the screen raised his head and began talking.

“Hello to you all. I am David Hardcastle. I live at 24 Crows Street in Auckley. I am currently away from home, exploring the jungles of Southern Borneo and will not be returning for 3 weeks.”

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31 March

Garden shed security guide - 5 essential tips!

As technology improves homeowners across the UK are starting to use more advanced home security measures in order to protect their property, family and belongings. But what about that other roof in the garden with so many valuables inside?

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25 February

5 different ways you could easily get locked out of the house!

Unfortunately lockouts are a lot more common than you might think and are rarely caused by the owner just losing their keys. Hopefully by sharing the 5 most common ways people get locked out of their property and how you can avoid it happening to you and your family.

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09 October

Is Doncaster a Safe Place to Live?

It's true that across the UK there are some places to live that are safer than others. Thanks to government statistics and poll results it's easier than ever to find out which towns and cities are the safest places to live, but naturally this can also mean paying more for the privilege of living there.

So as a Doncaster based business with so many customers who reside in the area we thought it would be useful to address specific safety concerns in Doncaster, uncovering how safe people feel living in the area and what they can do about local crime.

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09 September

uPVC door lock manufacturers in the spotlight

Understandably customers are looking for a good quality uPVC door lock that will last a long time and is less likely to need repairing. So which manufacturers' locks do we come across most often when we are called out to repair a uPVC door lock?

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02 September

Don't be fooled by these 6 home security myths

Many homeowners across the UK have been fooled into thinking that their property is more secure than it actually is due to believing a common myth about home security.

In this short post we reveal the top 6 home security myths and explain why they aren't true so that you won't get caught out...

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24 July

A brief history of locks & the role of the locksmith

When you think of a locksmith you probably picture someone whose job involves repairing and installing locks, and cutting duplicate keys. However, in the past locksmiths played a fundamental part in the design, development and manufacture of both locks and keys.

This brief history will give you an insight into the locksmith's changing role, and the origins of the lock and it's development into the modern locks we have today.

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24 July

Top 10 tips for securing your home

Your house is often the most expensive thing you'll buy and because you fill it with your most treasured possessions it's only natural that you want to keep it secure.

As a trusted locksmith in Doncaster we have over 20 years of experience in home and lock security. Follow our 10 top tips for securing your home to deter burglars and keep your family and belongings safe.

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